TMBR: Burntwood Porter recipe

I’ve got ski socks under my sandals, I’ve got my black stocking cap, and I’ve got my Brainoil pint glass full of porter – welcome to the first (of hopefully several) two-minute beer review. JV camera, y’all.

SPOILER: It goes over two minutes, and there is one swear, so cover your children’s ears when the timer goes off.

20 thoughts on “TMBR: Burntwood Porter recipe

  1. Mike Dawson, good to see that you are alive. I mean, anybody could have started this blog and called themselves Michael Dawson. But it would take some serious spy technology to fake a video of you…. so I’m convinced. Keep up the good work.

    I moved to Germany a couple of months ago and am really missing the homebrew culture we have in the US. I can get 253 really good German beers at any supermarket but there are absolutely no non-reinheitsgebot (or new/exciting) beers here; none. Furthermore, there aren’t any homebrewers here. I had to buy my homebrewing supplies from a company in Belgium.

    I tip my hat to you because you played a big role in expanding the homebrewing culture in the US. A beer culture that I’m missing after moving to Germany. Ironic.

      • Right, there are some online homebrew supply companies, but no actual shops that I’m aware of. I like to see equipment in person before buying it, especially when much of it is from companies I haven’t heard of. Do you know of any homebrew shops in Germany?

        • Matt, I don’t want to spam Mr Dawson’s blog here. I know what you mean I’m not Germany based, but bought few things from there (mostly from online shops, though).
          So, PM me if you want ( I’ll try to point you at some directions πŸ™‚

  2. Good to see you again! The camera work reminds me of the iSoloBrewMaster days. πŸ˜‰

    Were you able to pick up your giftbox of Westy XII today?

  3. Acidity! Thats what makes it taste thin! And thank you kindly for the video and tasting, check one and two on requests I left in comments, you sure know how to make us commenters feel loved, doing good!

  4. Ok so first things first. Super glad to see you back on youtube. I’ve been missing my Dawson fix.

    Second, you said you first wort hopped only. So my question is how do you think the hop character differs from had you just use a 60 min bittering addition.

    • Not to answer for the man, but I just tried this technique on a regular-ass Irish stout and I found that the perceived bitterness to be overall more rounded and smoother. My brew software said it bumped up my IBUs by 10%. Give it a shot. Embrace the unknown.

    • Probably not a lot – the hop bitterness would have been marginally, maybe not even detectably lower in a beer like this; and what slight hop character the FWH lends is still standing behind a lot of other, much taller flavors.

  5. Hey just wanted to say I’m glad I found your blog. I’m a big fan of BTV and all you guys have done. You inspired me to brew a Porterish beer today,but I used roasted oats(VallyMalt organic) instead of the black malt because that’s what I had on hand. Thanks Dawson keep up the great work.

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