Happy new year, citizens.

I am not big on resolutions – when I make a to-do list, I like to include items that I’ve already completed so I can start crossing things off right away and bask in the glow of my own incredible efficiency – but I do believe in the importance of intentionality and not waiting for things to happen all by themselves. So, with that in mind, here are my brewing resolutions for the 363 days to come:

  1. Read in a timely fashion these good books that Santa brought me.
  2. Renew the bonds of friendship with some yeast strains and beer styles that I haven’t visited in years … Dortmunder, Witbier, straight lambic, Wyeast 2565 …

I’d love to hear what you guys have planned for your fermentors and kegs this year.


zeit für brauen: 21st century American amber lager

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Beer style guidelines: some homebrewers I’ve encountered in the past two decades don’t want to brew anything that can’t fit into an established category (or even deviate from a fixed recipe), while others hate them with an ad-hoc and improvised passion (and can’t or won’t stick to a recipe no matter what). Continue reading

mission statement

Beer is a miracle, a window to the past, a stolen moment, a vehicle for insight and connectedness. It’s the story of civilization. It belongs in a mouth-hole. It’s been a sacrament, a commodity, contraband, sustenance, trend, badge, relic, engine of industry, vocation, hobby, passion, causer of burps and insight and laughter. It’s a drinkable koan, simultaneously unfathomable and simpler than you think. More serious but more fun, too.  Have a drink with me.