Homebrewer, tourist, raker of mash tuns and cleaner of kegs, grower of hops, dilettante, the one who rolls the casks, owner of too much glassware, certified beer judge, snob, indiscriminate guzzler, geek dork nerd, scrivener of blogs.

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  1. hey Mike, The AHA rally is this Sunday and Surly’s wort give away description is as follows:Wort Specifications

    Pale Lacto-kettle soured wort
    Brewed with Simpsons Golden Promise & aromatic malts
    Minimal bitterness
    Boiled & oxygenated for your experimental homebrew pleasure
    Target OG: 13° P (~1.053 OG)
    pH: 3.2

    What are some of your recommendations for yeast with the soured wort?

    • Sweet! Or actually acidic.

      I’d be tempted to either run something kinda clean (Kolsch/German ale-type) to let those nice expensive malts show through, or something Saison-y … or split batch with both.

      Let us know how it goes!

  2. MISTER DAWSON, SIR! My loving wife bought me a variety of hops for my birthday, and one i’m not overly sure what to pair with it..
    So I’ve been doing some reading and coming to the conclusion that it apparently pairs well with Nelson Sauvin… and Nelson sauvin supposedly pairs well with galaxy (i’ve never used them on the same beer, or had them in the same beer).
    So i’m debating doing a nelson sauvin, galaxy and kohatu pale ale… thoughts?
    May knock it back to just nelson and kohatu, but this is where i seek your expertise, sir!

  3. Hey Mike, great to see the blog back in action! Congrats on the book and most sincere condolences on Brewdog 2.0. If you have time for a quick Mashmaker question: I just brewed your Oldtoberfest to kick off the year and decided that despite 2112’s general use at slightly higher temps I decided to do a full lager profile. Partly from curiosity and partly to test the Grainfather Conical cooling and heating features (this is my first brew with that bad boy). I normally have no problem being patient with lagers and usually wait the 6 weeks but I guess I’m curious whether that really matters much with 2112. Or if it was a mistake to ferment 2112 at Lager temps. It’s in the keg either way and I’m definitely looking forward to this and many other recipes from the book!

    • Hey Josh, thanks for the question. Short answer: probably not a mistake, but probably not very necessary either. 2112 shouldn’t require the full-dress lager fermentation treatment – during primary it will turn pretty sluggish below a temp in the mid-50s and might struggle even more colder than that. It typically doesn’t throw off a ton of unpleasant aromatics that need to age out and it floccs out quickly, so extensive cold aging probably isn’t necessary.

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