mission statement

Beer is a miracle, a window to the past, a stolen moment, a vehicle for insight and connectedness. It’s the story of civilization. It belongs in a mouth-hole. It’s been a sacrament, a commodity, contraband, sustenance, trend, badge, relic, engine of industry, vocation, hobby, passion, causer of burps and insight and laughter. It’s a drinkable koan, simultaneously unfathomable and simpler than you think. More serious but more fun, too.  Have a drink with me.

3 thoughts on “mission statement

  1. I enjoy the blog. I would like to help more people enjoy the blog. No cost to you (although liquid currency is always accepted here). I think that home brewing and craft beer is not so much of a revolution anymore and more of a progressive movement. I think that your insight into brewing along with your experience should still be shared with the masses. What do I do? I work for a marketing firm in Maine. I am a web developer and SEO rockstar and I would like to team up to bring your voice back to the forefront of home brewing again. Nobody watched a certain podcast because of the company that put it out, they watched because they liked you among others and I think that can still happen. In a far better capacity though. What do you think?

    • Thank you very much for the kind words, and thanks for reading, Tim. Thanks a third time for the generous offer – at the moment, though, I’m happy to have this be a passion project and tinker away at it as time and interest and other obligations allow. Not in any rush to go back to mass communicatin’ on a schedule.

      PS – I agree with you on the movement vs. revolution description.

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