afternoon at a taproom

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Time spent beer-touring in Portland, Denver, and Cali has me pumped for the flowering of brewery taprooms now happening in the Twin Cities. Freshness counts in a large way, and at times the three-tier system can seem like showering with a raincoat – being able to talk to brewery staff about the beer you ordered while they’re hand-pumping it from a firkin just for you adds to the appreciation and immediacy of the product in a way that ordering the same beer at a civilian bar or restaurant just can’t; the ambience of a well-considered taproom is icing on the cake.

One afternoon this past week found me at one of our newer spots and chatting with a friend over beers before an impromptu walkthrough of the production side, then on with our respective evenings. Always nice to have more cool places to hang out, and who can say no to a food truck after some good beer?

7 thoughts on “afternoon at a taproom

  1. Are there any breweries or bars that you’d consider “must see” places? My fiancé and I are into home brewing and craft beer. We’re visiting her parents in Anoka next month. Thanks!

    • Lots! But I know the realities of family trips means that beer-touring usually takes a back seat, so are just a few ideas: Town Hall in MPLS and Pour Decisions in Roseville for pints and growlers, Muddy Pig and Happy Gnome in St. Paul (they’re about a block and half apart) for pints and food, Summit’s new taproom near downtown St. Paul, and then either or both of the Ale Jail in St. Paul/Four Firkins in St. Louis Park for some goodies to bring home.

      Other Twin Citians – suggestions?

      • Awesome, thanks for the reply. I’m actually pretty lucky. My fiancé brews with me and her father (who we are going to visit) just got into brewing as well. Last time we traveled there it was snowing like crazy and no one wanted to leave the house but we’ll be there earlier this year 🙂

      • Well, I made it to northern brewer just for the hell of it and the Muddy Pig. Thanks for the recommendations. I wanted to get to a couple other places bit they have to wait until next time. We’ll be in MN again soon.

        I liked the Muddy Pig a lot… The food was just as good as their beer selection. What’s up with the horrible 70s disco music there? Do they always play that? I’m

  2. Mike,
    Are you going to Darkness Day? I’m heading up for the weekend from FL and am looking forward to hitting up some of the aforementioned taprooms. Anxious to try the new Unchained at the Summit taproom tomorrow, and the Three Hour Tour release at Town Hall. MSP is such a great beer area – can’t wait!

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