I’m drinking hydrometer samples


I’m just about to sod off to the GABF for the rest of the week (times change, citizens) but before I go, a quick update on the last batch:

Last night the German IPA was racked out of primary and onto its dry hop charge of Polaris. I’m cautiously optimistic: the onion/garlic/asafetida/fenugreek aspect has retreated drastically, leaving a sweet, pungent herbal flavor (I’m thinking thyme, oregano, maybe even lavender) out front. For me, the menthol/mint/ice candy notes of Polaris are mostly borne out in the nose.

Meanwhile, 1217 seems to be delivering in its inaugural run at my house: at the projected TG within 5 days of pitching, no diacetyl, quite clean, and, as the crappy phone pic above hopefully indicates, also quite clear.  The malt didn’t get lost, either – all that Pils malt at a 1.060-ish OG makes some Maibock peek out from underneath the hems of the hops.

We’ll give it some more time with the dry hops and check in again soon.

12 thoughts on “I’m drinking hydrometer samples

  1. You’re GOING to the GABF? Say it isn’t so. What was this beer down to gravity wise? I’m going to use it this weekend I hope. Aiming for a mid 1.060s Nugget Nectarish recipe. Prob will ferment in the lower to mid 60s. I’ll have to get you a sample when it’s ready.

    • It is the end of an era, but not the end of muttering to myself. I think I will go have a frosty can of Banquet in the backyard this afternoon just to regain some kind of cosmic alignment.

      This batch was at 1.013 (the FG predicted by Beersmith) when I racked it, with no renewed activity in secondary. During the first few days of fermentation, the krausen was very level and creamy, and it had disappeared entirely by day 5. Eager to hear how it does for other folks – thanks, Don O!

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for all the good times and good reads, both on BTV and here. May your GABF trip be all you could hope for and more, and if you pop that Banquet, raise it to Phil Chevron – may he RIP. Sailing off on the greatest adventure of all.

    • Cheers, Bill! This is actually going to be a 100% work trip, so we’ll see what the future brings … if not this trip, hopefully another!

  3. I always have bad luck with dry hopping (wild yeast contamination) and I was wondering if this yeast let enough of the flame out hops come through to make a decent IPA without dry hopping.

  4. What yeast would you compare to 1217? Would you say it’s much different from other flocculant neutral ale yeasts out there?

    • So far I’ve done two batches (one finished but waiting to carb, one in the tank and waiting for dry hops) … based on that, I’d preliminarily compare it to 1272 but without the fruity/nutty/tart notes, or a cleaner and much drier 1968 without diacetyl.

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