7 thoughts on “lager yeast & dog: everybody wants to get fed

    • That could be a legitimate concern, because this dog is a beer drinker … not that I ever encourage it, but she does seem to enjoy lapping unguarded pints.

  1. Speaking of lager yeast. I’m thinking of firing off my first lager next weekend… I’m a big German Pils fan but would you consider that a good 1st lager attempt? Would something with a bit of roast/color be more forgiving…aka…Dunkel from Munich perhaps?

    • Hey Cameron,

      How did it go? Sorry I probably missed the boat on advice, but I think so much of lager brewing is in the fermentation, wort color is secondary to things like yeast health, pitch rate and temps. I like both Pils and Dunkel, don’t make me choose.

      • No big deal… I went with the Dunkel… Everything went smoothly. Thanks to you I keep my yeast health at top notch. Ever since I started paying more attention to yeast and fermentation my beer has gotta exponentially better… Cheers!

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