7 thoughts on “TMBR: Be Kind Northland

  1. Awesome review. I friggin’ LOVE sour beers. But I had to watch it twice. The first time I was distracted, trying to figure out if you were indeed wearing a Bad Ass Bryon Adams t-shirt. Where can I get me one of those? 😀

  2. Sounds good. How many repitches will you do? You mentioned a fresh pitch each time on this tasting note, but I also recall some house funk strain being previously mentioned in some earlier tasting notes. Someone said the yeast start to outcompete the bugs, but I have also heard that the bugs wait around til the party is over and chow down on the leftovers… Just wondering your thoughts?.

      • Thanks MD, I hadn’t noticed Chip’s newest post there. You have good advice cited there, as well. I think a couple generations will be it on the funky stuff. A Berliner Weisse I made from 3 vials of WLP Berliner Weisse needs more lacto, so I think I’ll try the quick sour mash technique referenced on the webs and see how it rolls. Keep up the great commentary, I really enjoy your thoughts on beer and brewing.

  3. Hey Dawson it’s good to see I’m not the only one to put on winter weight when Brewing and drinking all winter. Just kidding love the blog awesome stuff. I usually put on 20 pounds or so every winter, then loose it somewhere in the spring thankfully.

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