17 thoughts on “into the keg with you

  1. What is that Dawson? Looks tasty…Can I get your advice on a munich dunkel recipe fermented with the PC Hella Bock yeast?
    89.3% Weyermann Munich Malt-Type I
    4% Weyermann Melanoidin Malt
    2.2% Weyermann Carafa Special II 420L
    3.5% Weyermann Cara-Pils
    1% Weyermann CaraRed
    Bittered to 30 IBU with Hallertauer Mittelfruh

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Wee doggies does that look good! I’m 8 months in on a Flanders Red (Roeselare yeast) in an oak 5 gallon bourbon barrel/5 gallon glass carboy 10 gallon split batch. I just might rack out a third from each, blend the samples and add sour cherry, now that it is at the point of aging where it’s just about the bugs….am I too late? Thinking of going 18 months total from brewday to get Brett maximus. Or maybe solera the oak batch ala Boston Brewing’s Kosmic Mother Funk? Dude…you got me thinking!

    • The possibilities sound delicious. At 8 months, I’m sure all those elements are still developing, but it’s always worth periodic sampling to keep an eye on levels of Brett, acid, oak, etc. Please keep us posted!

          • I’ve got no temp control for the foreseeable future. I’m just living vicariously through the internets. I am hoping to squeak in a 3 gallon BIAB porter this weekend. Fingers crossed.

  3. Yo MD,

    I fondly remember the sour family tree you enthusiastically* drew in BTV #49. I’m assuming that your current (whoops) batches of sour are descended from Jan Roten/Roten Jan and their ilk. If you feel like updating the genealogy, I would be much obliged!

    As for me, I tipped 2 different commercial sour beer dregs (some gueuze, and a wild ferment) into some leftover Dubbel 6 months ago. While topping it up just recently, I took the opportunity to taste it, and was pleasantly surprised by the Flemish Red-ness of it already! Looking forward to how it develops over the next 5/10/150 years.

    Thanks for the journey. Homebrewing is more fun thanks to you and Chip and Don etc.

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