brew day: EXP01490 XX


The experimental hop fairy visited my house again recently, and this time it’ll be a lavishly alphanumeric best bitter type of deal.

EXP04190 (as Steiner calls it on their label) will be the featured soloist – here’s what the internet tells me:

EXP 4190: Experimental variety from Hop Steiner. Pleasant, mild citrus aroma. Bred from Fuggles and Cascade.

Current alpha: 3.6%
Beta 5-6.5%
CoH 30-32%
Total Oil 1 – 1.5 Ml/100g

Crumbling up a pellet, I definitely smell its parentage – I don’t think it’s entirely power of suggestion. There’s a distinctly Fuggle-esque sweetness and warmth with earthy and grassy overtones. The citrus character is also there, mild as advertised; it’s not out-and-out ruby red grapefruit juice, more like Cascade in translation, rather like the dried-citrus quality of Sterling – oranges and lemonade layered under that earthy/grassy warmth. Overall, I think it has a pretty English expression – mild in intensity, inviting instead of overpowering.

Enough smelling my green hands – let’s get on with it:

EXP04190 XX
Target OG: 1.046


  • 95% MCI Stout Malt
  • 5% UK 70-80°L Crystal


  • 152°F for 75′
  • 170°F for 10′


  • EXP04190 (pellet, 3.6% aa) at 60′ to 25 IBU
  • EXP04190 (pellet, 3.6% aa) at 20′ to 8 IBU
  • EXP04190 (pellet, 3.6% aa) at 0′, 4 grams per gallon


  • Chill to 65-66°F, O2 and pitch with some second-gen Wyeast 1203 Burton IPA Blend

8 thoughts on “brew day: EXP01490 XX

  1. I may have missed the boat already, but what are everyone’s thoughts regarding Wy 1203?

    Newfangled hops and yeast are good, but I fear all of these special, one-time-only ingredients will lead to much disappointment. For a case in point, I cite Wy 1026 PC. I’ve finally found an English yeast that attenuates to my liking; at least behaves as desired according to my current brewing practices, but it is no longer available. I had to raid the LHBS for leftover smackpacks of this stuff, and I’m considering commissioning my wife, who works as a microbiologist for a large biotech company, to make slants of the cultures that I do have in my chest freezer.

    Why do you torture me so, Wyeast?

  2. When the hop fairy visits your house how do come with a recipe to best understand the hops? I have a couple of oz of a hop that I want to get to know a little bit better, but I’m at a loss determining the parameters of a recipe. Is there a target OG and IBU that you shoot for when testing ingredients (or a target percentage for specialty malts)?
    How does one get the experimental hop fairy to visit? If I stick a bottle of beer under my pillow at night, will she bring me cool hops?

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