12 thoughts on “study in blonde

  1. Can you explain why the use of acidulated malt? I’ve brewed a couple of beers recently, both using only brett/bottle dregs, etc. Both recipes called for acid malt. I have “Designing Great Beers”, “Wild Brews”, “Farmhouse Ales”; and even looking through “Brewing Classic Styles” or “How To Brew”, I can’t find much info at all on acid malt.
    Do you, personally, only use it to lower ph, or for the slight “sour” or “tart” flavour it can contribute, or both? I guess I’m extra curious because of seeing its use in a Czech pils recipe.

    • I use it to drop mash pH when brewing with soft water and without having to use brewing salts, thus drastically changing the water profile (i.e., brewing Czech-style lagers with a Pilsen-like water profile).

  2. Pretty cool picture. I’m going to use this post to demonstrate what some of my friends refuse to believe: that decoction makes a distinct difference in the beer. Thank you!

  3. A little late to this party, but what’s your favorite Czech Pils recipe (malt,hops and yest) MD?

    And while I’m not bad ass enough ot do a full triple decoct, I’ve definitly got the chops for a single or a double decoction 😉


      • Thanks. Couldn’t find 2782 so am trying 2278 (same numbers, different order so it’s gotta be just as good!) JamilZ wants me to put in some Carapils–which is why I asked–but I’m going to go with you and SMASH this one.

        • 2782 Staro Prague is a limited-release and my all-time fave, but 2278 is classic. I’m certainly not opposed to other malts in the mix, but all you really *need* is a good Pilsner base (the Weyermann floor-malted Bohemian is excellent). Let us know how it comes out!

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