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So I was in Austin for a Master Brewers Association of the Americas conference, and in between seminars I went to some places … great city for beer and barbecue, and I have photographic proof.

8 thoughts on “ATX

  1. What was your impression of Jester King? I was living in Houston when they first got up and running. They had a few QC issues with bottles, but I did enjoy Das Wunderkind and Black Metal.

    • I got to be designated drinker, so I was able to try a good chunk of the roster. I liked everything I had, particularly Funk Metal, Wunderkind, and El Cedro.

  2. MD, I live in Dallas and make it down to Austin about three times a year. Your photo set looks pretty close to every trip I take down there. What are your thoughts on Jester King? My wife doesn’t drink but insists we go out there just for the atmosphere. Of course I always oblige. It’s hard to pass up the opportunity to see what they have on cask. Glad to hear you enjoyed the Austin scene.

    • The setting is amazing, the taproom is lovely, and its proximity to Salt Lick is a big plus. As far as beers, I liked everything I tried, particularly Funk Metal, Wunderkind, and El Cedro.

  3. I’ve had 2 beers from there. Black Metal and Commercial Suicide…. both are amazing and really made me take a look back and want to get a barrel! but alas, i wish it was cheaper to own one 😦 looks like a blast though! Lets open 2 more places like this… I’ve got Portland, You’ve got Minnesota…. Okay? okay…

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