tasting notes: Cerny 13


I generally don’t hold truck with aftermarket modifications to traditional lagers, but if somebody put a gun to my head and said I had to add dried chipotle morita peppers to a bottom-fermented European beer, this might be a pretty good recipe for it.

Around the edges of the expected dark-malt character is a bright cherry note (CaraFa and CaraAroma plus some yeast contribution, I’m guessing) that does remind me of dried chili pepper. There are also cola and toasty flavors in there, and an earthy-herbal component that might not read as “Saaz” without looking at the recipe – I think I’d either eliminate it or play it way up next time.

Some may say that it’s the wrong season to have a dark, malty lager on tap. I say that as long as there are bratwurst or tacos (especially if doused with chipotle salsa), a dark lager is never out of season.


5 thoughts on “tasting notes: Cerny 13

  1. That looks fantastic! I’m curious, do you adjust your water profile at all? If so what is your target water profile for this particular recipe? I use beer smith to formulate and store recipes. In addition to Beersmith I use the brew’n water spreadsheet for pH predictions and water adjustment. Utilizing these tools has done wonders for overall beer quality.

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