recap: NHC 2014

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To be honest, I worked a lot and didn’t get out much, but what I did see of this year’s National Homebrew Conference was great – a little more intimate than Philly, I picked up a couple new books to read; there was lots of interesting homebrew (see beet juice Berliner Weisse in the slideshow, and a 14.5% October beer shared at the banquet) and a lively local beer scene. It was a privilege to meet some of you blog readers in meatspace and share a beer.

10 thoughts on “recap: NHC 2014

  1. It was nice and it was great to meet you! But that Beet Berliner was … different (yes, I finished it, but I like beets), I’m not sure it would have earned a medal in the veggie beer category, but it sure had nice color. There were some outstanding beers Club Night, though. Cheers to NHC 2014.

    • I once made a prickly pair (cactus) fruit beer- I imagine it would have been about the same color. Its color was like if a beet and a highlighter had some sort of bastard love child. An interesting curiosity, but not one I will be making again; thankfully I made a small batch.
      – Dennis, Life Fermented Blog

  2. This is the second year I was able to attend the conference. Both years you have been so fucking cool to me. It’s awesome for me because your the reason I got into brewing (well, brewing tv) and to meet one of my home brew luminaries and have him be so real says alot about the brewing community! Sorry to get all sappy but I wanted you to know. Keep it up Dawson! Cheers

    • I grabbed Ron Pattinson’s “Homebrewer’s Guide to Vintage Beer” and Michael Tonsmeire’s brand new book on American sour beer – I haven’t had time to really dig in yet, but after skimming here and there in each, they both look great.

      • Tonsmiere’s book is excellent from what I’ve read so far.

        Also, great to meet you after club night Dawson. Would love to see a blog on your experience with this summer’s Wyeast private collection De Bom yeast.

  3. Doesn’t pertain NHC but wanted to thank you for recommending the Bohemian Dark malt from Weyermann, it produced a fantastic dunkel. Scored at 44 at a local comp. recently.


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