TMBR: Quotidian Pale Ale

The followup, the payoff. Tasting notes above, recipe below, pints all around.

Target OG: 1.048


  • 85% Rahr 2-row pale malt
  • 10% Weyermann Bohemian Dark malt
  • 5% Weyermann Caramunich II


  • 153F for 75′
  • 170F for 10′


  • Apollo (whole, 17% aa) at 60′ to 15 IBU
  • Apollo (whole, 17% aa) at 45′ to 14 IBU
  • Centennial (pellet, 10% aa) at 30′ to 4 IBU
  • Centennial (pellet, 10% aa) at 15′ to 10 IBU
  • Centennial (pellet, 10% aa) 1 oz per 10 gallons, 20′ hop stand after shutdown


  • Chill to 63F, O2 and pitch with 2nd-generation Wyeast 1450 Denny’s Favorite 50
  • Crop yeast & dry hop with Centennial (whole, homegrown) 0.5 oz per 10 gallons on Day 7 – SG 1.012
  • FG  1.011, Day 13
  • Transfer to kegs & crash cool to 35F

11 thoughts on “TMBR: Quotidian Pale Ale

  1. I like the looks of that grain bill – I may have to give that a whirl myself. I feel like I need to switch up the specialty grains in my pale ales and IPAs a bit more. Your recipe looks like a nice way of incorporating the ideas behind a lot of peoples’ fall-back of crystal malt, while switching up the flavor a bit. As always, I get another great take-away from blog. Cheers!

  2. An interesting grist indeed. I’ve planned a brewsession for a Summer Pale Ale this sunday. Don’t got time to get these malts, so gonna use Marris Otter (88%), Munich (7%) and English Crystal Malt (5%). But most certainly try out your grist some time soon.

  3. I gotta know, MD, did you know ahead of time that the German specialty grains were going to do what you said, or was this grist a result of what was on hand during brewday? If it was the latter then here’s to serendipity (clink).

    • Oh, it was planned – I’ve done it before and will do it again. Weyermann Caramunich gives the same kind of malty-but-not-sweet effect of, say, an Oktoberfest. I knew roughly what to expect of 10-ish% of Bohemian Dark from its supporting role in a Maibock and Helles earlier this spring.

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