QPA: update


Since we last talked about it, the main batch of Quotidian Pale Ale has been brewed, fermented, dry-hopped, and very recently packaged. What we’re looking at here is a glass of the little one gallon pilot/yeast starter.

I’ll give a recipe along with tasting notes soon, once the main batch is ready to drink – suffice it to say for now that I like the interplay of the selected yeast with this malt bill, the general heft of the final product, and that I’m glad I didn’t throw this hop combo into the big batch.

I wanted to play around with a blend of Columbus and Galaxy throughout the late boil and past flameout. It came out very Southern Hemisphere: highly waxy, tropical citrus, ripe orange fruit, a bit musty, piney in the background. The profile proved divisive for my tasting panel, but it is interesting. I think I’ll bring it back for another brew day for a different style of beer, but it just wasn’t quotidian enough for an everyday pale ale. Too sexy, boss. So what did I end up using? Stay tuned …

11 thoughts on “QPA: update

  1. Sweet. Sounds tasty. So, did you have a schedule for the hops after flameout or steep for 5 minutes then chill and transfer. I’ve never used Galaxy but would like to. Just not comfortable with the profile yet.

  2. Looks like a quick turner – brew to glass…an highly quotidianistic in terms of quaffability. I just tapped a blonde ale made cold and aged since all of Easter with a simple hop bill – nearly lager-like. Tasty stuff and small enough to be quotidian, pedestrian, even to the point of becoming diurnal if you wished and other words like that….

  3. For my wedding, my pastor had my wife an I write letters to each other. We sealed these letters in a box which we’ll open after 10 years of marriage or when times get real tough and we need a reminder as to why we got together.

    In my letter i said something about how everything is more fun with her. “The most quotidian of tasks: Taco night, runs to the grocery…” or something to that effect. He used bits from our letters during his homily. One thing he mentioned was my use of quotidian. Since then, the word has been transformed in my mind from something meaning daily, commonplace and usual, to a special kind of daily. One that makes you get up in the morning.

    I hope you find your quotidian beer.

  4. So I met a homebrewer that uses Steriplex, a sporicide agent/wipe, to protect against fungal contamination. In your 20 years of brewing, have you ever used anything besides Starsan to protect your preciouseseses?

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