15 thoughts on “I kegged an IPA today, oh boy

    • First impression: wish it was cold and carbed right now. I dig the 5256 as much as I thought I would when I first smelled them back in March. As indicated in the linked post, it’s not my recipe, but it’s a simple, solid malt bill and pretty straightforward hop protocol that seems like it would take some varietal tampering in stride.

        • This was my second batch (third in planning) and it’s been extremely obliging. Both batches were fermented in mid- to upper-60s, were at TG after 3 days, and had dropped bright in well under a week; that timeline was corroborated by friends who’ve used it and had the same results. It shows off the hops just fine but doesn’t play down or flatten the malt profile like 1056 can. When asked what strains I’d compare it to in the comment thread on a different post, I said a cleaner, drier 1968 or 1272 without the fruity/tart notes … I think I’d now add 1332 Northwest but with higher attenuation.

  1. Now we know how many hops it takes for IPA from Michael Dawww..son……

    (chanting) Everybody have one, everybody have one, everybody have one…

  2. Hey brother, we’d love for you to holler at us with another TMBR. I’d personally like to hear about that first gold IPA if it’s not all gone. Keep on keepin on.

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