TMBR: Burntwood Porter recipe

I’ve got ski socks under my sandals, I’ve got my black stocking cap, and I’ve got my Brainoil pint glass full of porter – welcome to the first (of hopefully several) two-minute beer review. JV camera, y’all.

SPOILER: It goes over two minutes, and there is one swear, so cover your children’s ears when the timer goes off.

let’s cook with beer: porter-braised pot roast edition

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Early in my homebrewing career somebody said to me: “Do you cook? Most folks who are good brewers are also good cooks.”

I’m not a good brewer, just a persistent one – and I’m certainly no chef, but I do like to eat, so it follows that once I left the nest I’d have to learn how to cook or forage in campground dumpsters like the rest of my family (I was raised by raccoons). Continue reading

thoughts on porter, a recipe, and the yearly tradition of missing the GABF

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Hey, if it’s GABF weekend that must mean I’m at home, by myself. Screw it, I’m brewing.

Porter’s been on my mind lately, since my buddy Greg and I have been extolling its virtues as the temperature drops and darkness comes a little earlier each night. Given those parameters, one of the beautiful things about living in Minnesota is that porter season lasts about 9 months. Continue reading