brew day: Inevitable Conclusion Double IPA

Oh no, my hops are out.

(video is NSFW, and not likely to make sense if you’ve never rolled a D20) Continue reading

TMBR: John & Mark’s B to tha Fizz-our Rye Saison

My profuse thanks to John Rawlinson and Mark Orndorff for sharing this very tasty beer with me! They relate that it’s their variation on a recipe from The Mad Fermentationist. Continue reading

bubbles in my beer, pt. 3


“For several years now, beer hijacking has been an issue for small and independent commercial brewers. They’ve been working hard to differentiate themselves from very large brewing companies that offer special beers and would prefer that beer drinkers believe that their beers come from small and independent breweries. Speaking for myself, this is a turnoff. The beer is probably great quality, but the marketing is deceptive and erodes the perception of credibility.”

“I’m the only thing standing between the death of Irish music and … and … the life of Irish music. Hss hss hss hss!”

One of these is a quote from an op-ed piece in the New Brewer on the need for a clear, commonly-understood definition of “craft beer,” and the other is a quote from the Shane MacGowan biopic If I Should Fall from Grace. Continue reading